A strong partner in a strong location: Knauf AMF Antwerp Slitter

Our location in the Port of Antwerp enables Knauf AMF Antwerp Slitter to provide strategic and logistical advantages to our customers.  With 6m tonnes of steel freight per annum, the Port of Antwerp is the largest steel port in the world, its excellent links to other major areas throughout Europe allows for efficient onwards distribution of materials following processing.

Processing your material directly within the port means the minimum amount of handling and time delay can be incurred when moving your coils to Knauf AMF  Antwerp slitter. 

Steel coils arriving in Antwerp can be transported efficiently to the Knauf AMF  Antwerp slitter, where our high quality and flexible service ensures that processing to your exact requirements can be managed with the minimum of delay and materials efficiently made available for onwards shipment to your final destination.

Certified quality meets service and flexibility

Knauf AMF Antwerp Slitter specialises in slitting light gauge steel and aluminium coil products and guarantees the highest level of customer satisfaction by maintaining high quality standards throughout every aspect of the operation.  We are ISO 9001 certified and operate a fully integrated Quality Management System throughout our operation.

Our highly skilled slitting teams handle a wide range of materials with the utmost professionalism.  We offer services such as slitting, inspection, rework, trimming and tilting.  We focus on maximising efficiency, minimising scrap and optimising packaging throughout the entire production process.

Knauf AMF Antwerp slitter builds its relationships on its core values of Service, Safety, Quality and Integrity.  Our focus on continuous improvement of our processes across our whole operation allows us to provide the finest quality service to our customers with the aim of building long lasting relationships.